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Addiction and Mental Health Interventions

What is an Addiction / Mental Health Treatment Intervention?

An intervention can help to provide the much needed motivation and guidance someone to seek help for alcohol or drug abuse, compulsive eating, or other mental health struggles. 

An interventionist is a person specialized in assisting family to encourage a loved one to find addiction / mental health treatment. The interventionist can guide a family thought he complex network of treatment providers and "levels of care." We assist the family in have a well thought-out, heart-to-heart conversation can start the road to recovery.

The entire intervention process is a carefully planned process that family and friends can do, working with a doctor and another health care professional. During the intervention, these professionals gather together face-to-face with your loved one, to talk about the effects of their addiction and ask them to accept treatment. Our team offers a treatment plan with clear steps, goals and guidelines.

Are interventions only for "inpatient or residential" level of treatment?

No. Interventions can be used for variety of different treatment levels. This includes outpatient level of care, often weekly therapy. CrossBridge Clinical Associates staff can also help a client family locate various Intensive Outpatient (IOP) and partial hospitalization (PHP) programs. Our staff has direct first-hand experience, working at all levels of care, and can offer professional guidance on what type of treatment would be best. 

What is the CrossBridge Intervention Team difference?

At CrossBridge, our interventionist teams have  a licensed doctoral level psychologist and paraprofessional to assist the family in the process. CrossBridge is one of the few  teams in the nation lead by doctoral level therapists. All team members are trained in leading interventions in both addiction and mental health struggles. If necessary, teams can include medical personnel, such as nurses, to ensure a high level of safety to treatment or detox centers. 

Each member on the CrossBridge Intervention Team brings a different skill set to the process and all members have multiple years of experience working on the front lines of treatment. This additional level of real life experience can be the critical difference between a successful life-saving intervention and a failed one. 

Does CrossBridge Clinical Associates only "Stage the intervention"?

Not at all. At CrossBridge Clinical Associates we guide the family in navigating the entire process with at the support a full team. We provide guidance on the various types of treatments available both locally and nationwide. Our process includes helping the family find the appropriate level of care, navigating the admission process, and adjunct to the treatment center's team. We remain committed to the family as long as asked for. 

We staff an optional weekly meeting with the families and treatment center to assist in having a successful treatment experience. Additionally, our team assists in locating or directly providing aftercare therapy, case management, and other critical post-treatment discharge plans. This is often the most important step to overcoming an addiction / mental health struggle, to have a profession medical and psychological discharge plan.

We can directly provide career, education, and social skills training and guidance after a treatment episode. Our staff remains committed to each family and individual for as long as needed. Additionally, we can help the family locate sober, also known as halfway house, living arrangements, post treatment.

CrossBridge can also provide sober transportation to and from detox centers, treatment centers, and sober living homes. Depending on each individual client transportation can include both licensed therapists and medical professionals to ensure a safe and pleasant experience.

Are CrossBridge Intervention Teams "confrontational" with the person needing treatment?

The simple answer is "no." While popular TV shows may demonstrate a "high-confrontational start" to an intervention process, we do not use a conflict or ambush-style intervention. While CrossBridge staff can provide guidance on various legal mechanisms to compel an individual into treatment, our experience in being direct-primary therapists at various drug / alcohol, eating disorder, and primary mental health treatment centers inform an more enlightened process. We seek to first to have the individual voluntarily agree to treatment.

Our process is designed and informed by licensed doctoral therapist with the primary goal of a person accepting treatment, not forced to get help. Research had shown this leads to better treatment outcomes, less wasted time and money in treatment centers, and higher rates of sustained sobriety. 

How do we get started with the process?

The first step is a free consultation hour with the family and love ones to better understand the needs of the family and individual. From there, CrossBridge's intervention team will put together an intervention plan designed and directed by a doctoral level psychologist.

Our Intervention Team is located in Boca Raton, Florida. We can assist a family in locating treatment both in South Florida and outside of Florida.