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Hector M. Jorge, AA - Case Manager / Interventionist

Hector Jorge enjoys working with people and providing assistance to those in need.  His ultimate objective is to make a difference in the lives of people he encounters through his efforts. With over 11 years as a Certified Behavior Health Technician, and a Certified Recovery Advisor, his experience has the skills needed to be effective as part of a team or individually. Hector is also an ARISE trained interventionist, assisting families in motivating a loved one into treatment. Through these experiences, his goal has been, always, to use the skills, knowledge, and education to help others. When faced with a problem, it will not only be easier to do what is expected of him but more importantly, the best that can be provided.

After an encounter with the law in 2008, Hector knew that he did not want to continue living the addiction/substance use lifestyle he was involved in. Struggling with feelings of depression and anxiety, he reached out for support and found it in mentorship, groups, and individual therapy. From those early and humbling beginnings, Hector worked diligently to find a path forward and away from his old lifestyle.

He has since received Certifications in Behavior Health technician, Crisis Prevention Intervention, and Recovery Advisor. His steadfastness and determination to help others and commend himself to his academic studies have earned him the Broward College Psychology Departmental Award and Broward College Academic Excellence Award, Graduating from Broward College with Highest Honors. He is currently enrolled at a local university perusing his bachelor’s in psychology.

Hector believed though due diligence, steadfastness, and hard but progressive work, anyone can overcome their past and lead a more productive life. In his work as a sober support and case manager for CrossBridge Clinical Associates he brings a real world, first-hand experience, of sobriety and turning one’s life around. Hector believes that the best version of ourselves is within each of us and he is passionate about helping his clients improve themselves day after day. This has led him to also peruse a training to become a facilitator of SMART Recovery meetings, a leading evidence-based addiction recovery program. He is also trained in "In Home Addiction Treatment” IHAT model providing people with support and recovery strategies without upending a client’s home, professional, or academic obligations.

In his off time, Hector enjoys outdoor activates including biking, exercise, and gardening. He also takes time to spend quality time with his family and friends, as he believes our social and familial connections provides us with a solid foundation to take on life’s vastitudes.